Breakfast Menu
Omelets and Scrambles:

All omelets and scrambles are served with homefries and your choice of toast.
All egg orders can be made with egg whites for an additional $1.00.
Substitute the toast for a scone for an additional $1.50.
Substitute homefries for fresh fruit for an additional $0.75.

Omelets and Scrambles:
Poppy's Special: Two eggs any style $6.95
California Omelet: Avocado, Tomato, & Cheddar Cheese $7.95
Garden Omelet: Fresh sautéed vegetables with Mozzarella Cheese $7.95
Farmhouse Omelet: Spinach, Bacon, & Goat Cheese $8.95
The Four Cheese Omelet: Mozzarella, Cheddar, Swiss, and Gouda $7.95
The Classic Scramble: Bacon & Brie $8.95
The Perfect Scramble: Ham, Mushroom, & Swiss $8.95
The Goody Gouda Scramble: Asparagus, Onion, & Gouda Cheese $7.95
Big Mike's Breakfast: Your choice of an omelet or scramble (from the above selection. Served with a side of silver dollar pancakes, a side of breakfast meat and homefries $11.95
Breakfast Entrees
Eggsadilla: Scrambled eggs, peppers, onions and cheddar cheese nestled in a warm tortilla. Served with salsa and sour cream on the side $7.95
Jersey Wrap: Scrambled eggs, pork roll, potatoes and cheddar cheese served in a white wrap $8.95
Breakfast Sandwich: Ham, fried egg, and Swiss cheese served on a lightly toased croissant. Served with a side of homefries $7.95
Vegetable Benedict: Two poached eggs served on a toasted English muffin. Topped with asparagus, tomatoes, spinich, and a hollandaise sauce. Served with a side of homefries $8.95
All orders of pancakes are served with whipped cream and a dusting of powdered sugar.
Short Stack: $5.95
Full Order: $6.95
Short Stack: $6.95
Full Order: $7.95
Short Stack: $6.95
Full Order: $7.95
Short Stack: $6.95
Full Order: $7.95
Chocolate Chip:
Short Stack: $5.95
Full Order: $6.95

Add any additional toppings for $0.75 each

French Toast
Plain French Toast: Thick Texas toast served with fresh fruit. $7.50
Nutella French Toast: Stuffed with nutella and strawberries or bananas $8.95
Piña Colada French Toast: Covered in toasted coconut and fresh fruit. Drizzled with a pineapple glaze. $8.95
Bacon or Pork Roll $2.95
Scrambled eggs (2) $1.95
Silver Dollar Pancakes (3) $2.95
Homefries $1.95
Fruit $1.95
Toast $1.50
Scone $2.45
(served with brown sugar, fresh fruit, and raisins)


Tea is served by the pot only.
Pot of Tea $4.45
Regular or Decaffeinated Coffee (Unlimited Refills) $2.95
Soda $1.75
Unsweetened or Flavored Iced Tea (Unlimited Refills) $2.95
Orange or Apple Juice
Small $1.75
Large $2.95
Small $1.75
Large $2.25
Chocolate Milk
Small $2.25
Large $2.95
Honey (served upon request) $1.00
Tea Selection
~Black Tea~ ~Herbal Tea~
British Breakfast* Chamomile Lemon
Earl Grey* Organic Mint Tea*
Lipton* Blueberry Hibscus
Ginger Peach* Orange Ginger Mint
Cranberry Blood Orange
Vanilla Almond* ~Oolong Tea~
Mango Ceylon Dragon Oolong
Red Velvet Cuppa Peach Blossom

~Green Tea~ ~White Tea~
The People's Green Asian Jasmine
Pomegranate Green* Emperor's
Wild Berry Plum
Honey Ginseng
Black Raspberry

* Tea also available in decaffeinated.

Please remove all electronics from the table.
The Scone Shoppe will not be responsible for any damages.