Lunch Menu

The SconeLady's Samplers
Patricia's Sandwich Sampler: Enjoy a variety plate of our delectable tea sandwiches. $9.50
Norma's Scone Sampler: Enjoy a choice of two large scones or four miniature scones with lemon curd, jam, and clotted cream. $6.95
Lisa's Sweet Sampler: Enjoy a selection of our savory miniature desserts. $8.95
The Classic Dessert: Enjoy one large scone or two miniature scones of your choice. Each scone is accompanied with orange marmalade. $2.60

Add lemon curd, jam or clotted cream for an additional $1.25 each.

Children's Entrees
Nicholas' Chicken Tenders: All white oven baked chicken tenders. $6.95
Vincent's Grilled Cheese: American cheese grilled on white or wheat bread. $6.95
Joseph's PB&J: Creamy peanut butter and jelly served on white or wheat bread. $6.95
Sophia's Nutella and Strawberry Sandwich: Nutella and fresh strawberries sliced on white or wheat bread. $6.95

Beverages $1.75
Apple or Orange Juice / Milk or Chocolate Milk

Lunch Entrees
Add a cup of sour for an additional $3.95
Joey's Turkey Sandwich: Fresh baked turkey, wet mozzarella, and roasted red peppers served in a white wrap with a honey balsamic dressing. Served with a side salad. $9.50
Alyssa's Chicken Salad Sandwich: Homemade chicken salad made with craisins served on a fresh croissant with tomato slices. Accompanied with a side salad. $9.75
Victoria's Quiche of the Day: Enjoy a slice of our homemade quiche. Accompanied with a side salad. $9.25
Richard's Shoppe Salad: Bed of mixed greens topped with goat cheese, toasted almonds, and seasonal fruit. Drizzled with out homemade vinaigrette dressing.
Add grilled chicken, tuna salad, chicken salad, or egg salad for $2.50
Bobby's Tuna Salad Sandwich: All white tuna mixed with celery, carrots, and onions served on whole wheat bread. Accompanied with a side salad. $9.25
Gerardo's Egg Salad Sandwich: Homemade egg salad served on fresh pumpernickel bread. Accompanied with a side salad. $9.25

Create Your Own Combo
Enjoy a half of sandwich (designated with a tea cup) and a cup of soup (daily selection) for just $8.95!

Hot off the Press
Patricia's Ham and Cheese Sandwich: Home baked Virginia ham, Brie, apple butter, and fresh sliced apples grilled on rye bread. $9.25
Gerald's Grilled Cheese: Gouda, mozzarella, cheddar, and Swiss cheese grilled on a multi-grain bread. Accompanied with a side salad. $9.25
Add tomato $0.50. Add bacon $2.25. Add avocado $1.95
Karen's Vegetable Sandwich: Baked eggplant, fresh mozzarela, and roasted red peppers grilled on multi-grain bread with out homemade artichoke-marmesan spread. Accompanied with a side salad. $9.75
Ro's Pesto Sandwich: Pesto tomatoes and wet mozzarella grilled on sour dough bread. $8.95
Jacqueline's Vegetable Quesadillas: Sautéed vegetables and cheddar cheese with a side of sour cream and salsa. $8.95
Add three eggs $1.95.
Add grilled chicken $2.00.
Dee's Monte Cristo: Ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese grilled on French toast bread Served with a side of fresh fruit and jam. $9.50
Bernie's BLT with a Twist: Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and cheddar cheese served oin a spinich wrap with a honey mustard dressing. Accompanied with a side salad. $9.50
Arthur's Cubano: Ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, pickles, and tomatoes grilled on Sourdough bread with honey mustard dressing. Served wit a side salad. $9.50


Tea is served by the pot only.
Pot of Tea $4.45
Regular or Decaffeinated Coffee (Unlimited Refills) $2.95
Soda $1.75
Unsweetened or Flavored Iced Tea (Unlimited Refills) $2.95
Orange or Apple Juice
Small $1.75
Large $2.95
Small $1.75
Large $2.25
Chocolate Milk
Small $2.25
Large $2.95
Honey (served upon request) $1.00
Tea Selection
~Black Tea~ ~Herbal Tea~
British Breakfast* Chamomile Lemon
Earl Grey* Organic Mint Tea*
Lipton* Blueberry Hibscus
Ginger Peach* Orange Ginger Mint
Cranberry Blood Orange
Vanilla Almond* ~Oolong Tea~
Mango Ceylon Dragon Oolong
Red Velvet Cuppa Peach Blossom

~Green Tea~ ~White Tea~
The People's Green Asian Jasmine
Pomegranate Green* Emperor's
Wild Berry Plum
Honey Ginseng
Black Raspberry

* Tea also available in decaffeinated.

Please remove all electronics from the table.
The Scone Shoppe will not be responsible for any damages.