Program Purpose: The purpose of the See and Say Application is to provide you with the ability to communicate using your IPhone or IPad when you are unable to speak due to a medical condition or personal reasons!

This program may also be used to create a PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) for your child using Pictures, Words and Sounds that you create allowing you to maximize the information and communication that you would like for your child to learn. This allows you to customize and personalize the communication experience.

Program Limitations: Note that the text for all words and phrases that you create are limited to 30 characters or less. This is restricted so that proper displaying of information is possible. Note that the recording of sounds is limited to 5 seconds or less. If you do not press the stop button the program will automatically stop after 5 seconds.

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So Can We Talk or What?

Special Thanks to the Following Persons who have helped me Translate the applications information.

Elva Mazabel - Spanish and French
Francesco Troja - Italian and German
Joseph Hildebrandt - German

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