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Program Purpose: The purpose of the Test Crazy Application is to provide both an entertaining and educational experience!

This application allows you to Create, Modify and Delete tests that will allow you to create study guides or entertaining tests that you can share with your friends to see how well they know you or some topic. You can create Questions like What is my favorite movie? Who was the 23rd President of the United States?… The only limit is your imagination!

Note that all questions and responses can have a maximum of 3 lines of information.

All questions can have a maximum of 5 responses but all tests must have at least 2 responses for any question as well as a matching result in the Correct Answer field of the question screen. This can be accomplished by copying the correct answer and then pasting this into the Correct Answer field.

Data validation and error checking is handled by a series of alerts should there be any problems with the creation of a question or a test.

Please note that due to this being a free application my only support for further development is my ads on the bottom of the start up view.

Thanks for viewing this web site and supporting my work. Click here to view screenshots and detailed information


Mark ONeill
Click on my name to e-mail me with any questions or comments regarding this app! Please be gentle this is my first app!

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